What will be the healthcare technology trends of 2019? Will technology combined with health prevention reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases?

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Invest in health, wellbeing and safety of citizens in your municipality. Promote healthy lifestyle and physical activity using latest technologies.

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Are you looking for solutions that will take care of health and well-being of employees? Bring healthy changes to your company with teleprevention.

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Seniors and families

Are you concerned about senior safety? Do you want to encourage your child to physical activity? Are you looking for a health coach? Think about teleprevention.

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Health prevention - an investment in future health of Poles




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Facts & Figures

  • Tylko 30% dzieci i młodzieży oraz 10% dorosłych uprawia aktywność fizyczną spełniającą potrzeby fizjologiczne organizmu.

  • By 2030, 23% of the population is projected to be 65 years of age or older.

  • 10% of children and youth aged from 5 to 17 suffer from overweight or obesity worldwide.

  • In 2050 the number of people experiencing falls will increase to 2.3 million. Up to 40% of people aged 65 and older experience falls.

  • Poland is on the 5th place in the world in terms of overweight and obesity among adults.